Vacancy: Receptionist needed at a beauty lounge in Port Harcourt

We are in search of an enterprising and responsible candidate to fill the post of receptionist for a beauty lounge in Port Harcourt.  We are placing emphasis on personal conduct but most importantly on the candidate’s ability to remain calm in a high pressure, high-intensity environment. The ideal candidate will exhibit traits and characteristics that are aimed towards winning new clients while retaining old ones. The ideal candidate will more or less double as a Personal assistant to the business owner.

The ideal candidate will understand that they are the first point of contact for clients and as such, should always be ready to provide top quality service, welcoming them with a smile and quickly provide whatever information or help they require.  It is important that the applicant be able to remain pleasant and courteous at all times as we are striving for a peaceful, serene environment for the type of clients we hope to attract and retain.

Our services at the moment are limited to hair care and styling, manicure, and pedicure with concrete plans to include more services in the future. We want to be able to provide the least paying client with a memorable luxurious experience as we believe everyone should be treated with respect.

  1. Minimum of O’level education
  2. Ability to work with Microsoft office package
  3. Knowledge of record keeping and should possess basic business knowledge.
  4. Ability to handle and populate social media accounts.
  5. Experience working in the beauty industry will be advantageous.
  6. Should be able to think innovatively and have good knowledge of industry trends.
Job Description
  1. Welcome clients courteously and be quick to provide them with any necessary information.
  2. Schedule appointments and make any cancellations or readjustments as needed.
  3. Manage the business’s social media accounts.
  4. Answer calls and respond to inquiries.
  5. Follow up with clients to remind them of their appointments.
  6. Assign new clients to appropriate service provider.
  7. Manage supplies, equipment and inventory.
  8. Receive payments for services and balance accounts at the end of the day.
  9. See that your work area is clean and professional looking.

To apply, give us reasons why you think you fit this role; apply via email to [email protected]. Please attach a copy of your CV to the email. Deadline for application: 30th December 2017


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