It’s been a long time coming and every passing day has brought us one step closer to getting or first physical structure. Some days I feel discouraged and wonder if I ‘m heading in the right direction; other days I get a clear picture of what I want the Colours’n’Brushes Beauty Lounge to be like.

It’s always been my dream and desire to give my clients the best that the industry has to offer in terms of products and services. Although we may not deliver this on the first try, you can be sure that we will make it our mission to provide only top-notch service to each and every of our clients. We want you to feel like royalty when you step into the lounge, hence the reason we chose purple as one of colours.

Purple is indeed the colour of royalty and by that we would strive to ensure that everyone who steps into our studio leaves us, feeling a little more confident and standing a little taller. You are all important to us and without you, we couldn’t possibly dream of meeting our next milestone. We owe all our successes to you; the ones who have been there from the get-go encouraging us with your kind words and patronage as well as continuous feedback.

Your continuous patronage motivates us to strive for more, to push the boundaries of our imaginations in a bid to provide only the best possible beauty service. You all are the real MVPs and we celebrate you now and always.

With that said, the countdown to the grand opening of the Colours’n’Brushes Beauty Lounge has begun. To ensure you stay up to date with us, subscribe to our newsletter; we promise you we do not spam. Our primary goal is to ensure you don not miss out on launch dates, discounts and promotions as we announce them.

Once again, thank you for your ending loyalty and faith in us. We look forward to seeing you at the lounge.



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