Wow! sometimes it still feels like a dream

I still remember my early days at makeup school, wondering why i could not master the simplest act of applying lipstick! crazy right? In my first three weeks at makeup school, i was able to replicate any Arabian inspired eyeshadow look, i could perfectly replicate the leopard skin eyeshadow and could do a mean smokey eye but i could not apply lipstick flawlessly.

But here we are today, several weddings, skincare consultations and photoshoots later and we are waxing strong. It’s been an emotional journey for me as well as fulfilling one. I feel blessed to have been a part of the most important time of any couple’s life – the day they say “i do”. It’s been fun and scary in a weird way.

Today Colours’n’Brushes has evolved from just a makeup studio and school to the inclusion of a natural skincare line. It occurred to me that a lot of people mistook my job as a makeup artist for that of a cosmetologist so i figured, why not? they’re gonna keep asking you anyway. As a result of this, i decided to research skincare solutions that actually work but at the same time, not wreak havoc on my client’s bank accounts. In addition to that i discovered that the drastic fall of the naira saw the prices of a lot of skincare products go up by almost 20% making it difficult for the average Nigerian to purchase and thus Ocha came to be.

The Ocha range consists of lotions, creams and soaps for the different skin types. The goal was to provide a safe, natural skincare alternative for everyone. The range is 100% handmade and we intend to keep it that way for as long as possible because we feel commercialization could kill the vision behind the product. With Ocha, there would always be something for everyone irrespective of your skin type or bank account.

Our future plans include the inauguration of a give-back program. The aim of this program is to equip young girls between the ages of 14-18 with the necessary vocational and entrepreneurial skills they require to survive in this present times. We would be partnering with various individuals in the future to make this happen. My heart has always gone out to young ladies who have fallen victim to societal ills due to the pressure to meet-up or simply survive. So one of the objectives of the problem is to let them know there is always another way. Our doors are open to individuals and corporate organizations who would want to partner with us on this project.

The future promises to be an exciting and we are hoping you can be a part of this. Stay glued to our page for more exciting news and product releases.

Kisses from C.



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